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finding my dharma. living my dharma.

J.E.N. May 15, 2009

I am:

  • a dedicated yogini.
  • a VEGAN.
  • simultaneously student and teacher.
  • a barista.
  • maintaining recovery from an eating disorder.
  • a soul-searcher.
  • a VEGAN.
  • an effort-putter-inner.
  • perfect as I am right now.
  • always transforming.
  • a cat lover.
  • a VEGAN.
  • happy that you’re here.

'International Hug a Vegetarian' Day Friday, September 25, 2009


2 Responses to “J.E.N.”

  1. kia Says:

    don’t know if your looking for practice spaces during your trip…

    for hatha in denver I can recommend http://www.wholeyoga.com/index.html Satya lived the ashram life through the shambhava school before opening this spot
    via the shambhava school. I can also recommend heading up to shoshoni yoga retreat in nederland
    go on friday when gaia tree teaches 30 min pranayama, 90 minutes hatha, yummy vegan lunch $20 and in the mountains.

    Also, if you want to hook up for a kind yoga experience to get your body/spirit flowing I highly recommend http://www.yogaworldreach.org/r.r._Shakti/r.r._Shakti.html the chick is out there in a blissed out good way and “organic”

    if you like ashtanga then I highly recommend getting up to boulder for anything richard freeman does via yoga workshop http://yogaworkshop.com/

    hope these help if you were looking

  2. Andy Kutcher Says:

    Hi Jenny,

    As National Eating Disorder Week approaches, we are trying to build momentum for the Body Image Project and would love your help. We really appreciate you being such an advocate for us on Twitter and as a influential and positive voice within the body image movement, we value your support and feedback.

    The theme for National Eating Disorder Week is “It’s Time to Talk About It.” We couldn’t agree more. The Body Image Project features videos of real people sharing their personal stories of triumph and struggles relating to their bodies. Dr. Tiffany Stewart will be posting a blog about eating disorders and we want all the help we can muster to get people talking. The other theme is “If you do just one thing this week.” We want to hit the message home that if you do one thing this week, participate. Share your story. Help spread the word. Encourage positive body image and take control of your own advocacy …your right to be happy, healthy and thrive in your own skin.

    A few ways you can participate:

    1. Tell us Why You Love Your Body on Facebook.

    2. ReTweet a positive message on Twitter.

    3. Add a comment at BodyImageProject.com and forward to a friend.

    4. Make a conscious note of the things you value about your body and self every day. Choose to make these things your main focal point.

    Thank you so much for your support of our cause. For any questions or more information, please contact us at bodyimageproj@gmail.com.

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