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Vegan Mofo: Oops October 14, 2009

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Life was a lot easier when I had all these blogs planned, written and scheduled to post while I was out living life.

So today isn’t gonna be a real Vegan Mofo post… Unless you’d like to know that I ate a lot of peanut butter today and then made some curry for dinner.

My mind is occupied by thoughts of Colorado. I publicly announced it on twitter earlier, but I’m officially stating on my blog now:

My roommate got a job and is moving to Frankfort, KY. The man she’s working for there is part owner of our apartment contract and is terminating our lease with no financial obligation to us. I’m renting a room with a friend back in Evansville for the next few months, getting a second job, saving every penny that I don’t need to pay bills or eat and then MOVING TO COLORADO in February or March.

It’s feels good that life has a great new goal.Ā  I’m so ready to get out of Kentucky, Indiana, the mid-west in general. I’ve gotten great things from this place, but key parts of my life I’ve put on hold because I know I wouldn’t be willing to settle here. This is the next big adventure.

But, to bring it all full circle, there’s this great restaurant in Denver called City O’ City and they have DELICIOUS vegan food and desserts (desserts, I say!) and so I can’t wait to eat there all the time….. šŸ™‚ Happy Vegan Mofo Day 14, folks.


2 Responses to “Vegan Mofo: Oops”

  1. warriortwo Says:

    Congratulations on the decision! I’m doing more or less the same thing, scrimping and saving until I can move where my heart is telling me to. It’s nice to have that goal.

  2. dallyd Says:

    congrats on new adventure…we have been veggie for awhile working on going vegan, hard with hubby & 3 kids when trying to cook & keep everyone happy! šŸ™‚ we are moving back to colorado next summer after being in indiana for 7 years, best wishes!!

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