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Vegan MoFo: The Moment I Knew October 2, 2009

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Hello and welcome back to Vegan MoFo- Day 2!

Today, I’m wondering… when was the moment you knew you had to go vegan? What was the final straw?

Two things happened, mainly, that made me realize that the only way I could continue to live life with peace of mind, was to go vegan. It all started with this article. At the time, I was a vegetarian. I found this link and posted it on Twitter. Without getting into a lot of detail, a bit of a back and forth began with a friend who disagreed with me. Finally, and 100%  facetiously, I posted the most heinous picture of a cow in a slaughterhouse that I could fine (as if one is more heinous than another…).  I’ve noted before that when I went vegetarian, a part of me always knew it wasn’t enough to make me feel settled. But in an effort not to overwhelm myself, I started off slow and stuck with vegetarian for a while. However, when I located the picture of the cow, I felt once more that pang, that little voice inside of me that said “You aren’t doing enough.” Even though I had posted the picture to be immature in a “I’ll have the last word” sort of way,  I found myself waking up once more to the fact that, for me, vegetarianism was still not even close to cruelty free living.

Within days, or possibly even hours, I stumbled upon a link to HumaneMyth.org (and I’ve been proudly sporting their banner on my blog ever since.) It only took watching part of one video, I don’t even remember which one now, but suddenly I knew the choice had already been made deep in my heart and that the time had come: I had to go vegan. I knew the truth and I couldn’t un-know. I haven’t looked back since.

Sometimes I still chuckle that a friend was trying to convince me why I needed to eat meat, and instead I became 100% vegan. But this is how it happens, I suppose. The universe is quite the jokester, sometimes.

So this was my a-ha-go-vegan moment. Now I want to know yours. I know not everyone is a vegan for ethical reasons (although I hope that they are there too!), but regardless of why you came to veganism, leave me a comment and tell me what your last-straw-moment was, and when you knew you had to go vegan. Commenters will be entered to win a month-long supply of YogaVive Apple Chips if you comment before the end of the day, October 8.  So tell me! I want to know!

Vegan Food of the Day
Smoothies! Smoothies are one of my favorite ways to start the day or replenish after a great yoga session. They’re also an excellent way to get your daily serving of fruit and some greens. Plus, they are ridiculously easy, fast and fun to make. My roommate and I always keep a stock of bananas in the freezer to use as a base. Other great bases include avocado and extra soft tofu. From there, I’ll usually add some type of berry or combination of berries, followed by some greens: turnip, collard, kale, spinach. I also add a little flax meal for some EFA, agave nectar if needs to be sweetened, and occasionally a touch of vanilla almond or oat milk, to give it a little extra boost. Get creative with your smoothies, find the combination you like best. Blend, sip, enjoy!


One Response to “Vegan MoFo: The Moment I Knew”

  1. Mo Says:

    Smoothies are great! I love keeping frozen bananas just to make smoothies.

    I went vegan because I had been vegetarian for years. My final straw was when I decided to be a pescatarian again after 4 years of vegetarianism. The guilt weighed on me so much that I went vegan the next day.

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