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The depths of Silence September 12, 2009

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Out in the bluffs, far away from everything else, there is a special type of silence. Silence at home still includes the humming of the computer and other electronics. It includes cars driving by, cats running and playing. You know how in yin yoga, sometimes, you’re in a posture and you start getting fidgety and moving around and you can’t sit still? Your mind starts working and thinking and buzzing. Silence at home is like that sometimes. It wants to be silent, it’s trying to be silent, but silence is sometimes uncomfortable and it makes life fidgety. And so the computer continues to buzz and nothing is ever quite settled down, it seems.

But when you leave and you go out into nature, you experience Silence. This is the kind of silence that makes you feel like your ears have  had all the air sucked out of them. Your ears feel like they’re reaching for noise, desperate for something to hear. And what they find is nothing and everything at the same time.

Then the sun goes down and it is the eyes’ turn to let go. The true darkness of night is upon you and the eyes have no more work to do until you lay on your back, look up at the sky and you can see… Everything.

The stars.

Millions of stars. Big, small, shooting, flickering. In studying them, trying to comprehend the vastness is almost overwhelming. When you come close to exploring how great the universe is, the enormity takes your breath away and you have to imagine the stars as two dimensional, just to keep your sanity.

As you lay there, you breathe. You lose yourself in the stars. The eyes are no longer seeing, they are simply receiving. The ears are still not hearing, and they’ve long ago stopped trying. And this is it. This is when you become awake to the realization that Silence is not silent.


True Silence is felt, first. Laying beneath the stars, fully present, you can begin to feel the vibration running through you. As you lay there with the vibration you become aware that this vibration flows not just through you, but the people laying next to you as well, and you are connected. You are one. And the vibration is in the trees, and the earth and the animals, and the wind and the water. And you are connected. You are one. You are the pulse of life. You understand what immortality really means.

It’s then, from your heart, your soul, your Truth, that you begin to Hear. It comes from inside and outside of your body simultaneously. You recognize this is the sound of the vibration. This is the sound of inter-being. It seems to be a simple sound. But in the three syllables you Hear/Feel rests the truth of life. To attempt to explore the depth of this sound is similar to exploring the depths of space. You feel you might explode trying to comprehend such vastness.


The sound never ends. It never wavers. It continues ceaselessly.

Close your eyes.

Hear it.

Feel it.

It is…




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