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Perfect moment. Only moment. July 8, 2009

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I talked briefly on this subject yesterday, but today I’d like to talk more about the cleansing diet that Baron Baptiste offers in his book Journey Into Power.  The idea is that as you go along the week, you are able to connect with your body and notice your hunger patterns, stop cravings for foods that your body doesn’t need, and truly doesn’t really want anyway, and just to generally tune your radio to receive clearer signals from the body on the whole. As I previously mentioned, I have been partaking in the week-long cleanse since last Saturday. It starts with two days of a light, macrobiotic diet, followed by 3 days of a fruit fast and then the last 2 days you gently ease your way back into a more regular eating pattern. Also like I stated before, I did not go on this journey to try and lose weight. I decided to start it because I was feeling disconnected to my body. I noticed that I hadn’t actually allowed my stomach to so much as attempt to growl in probably weeks. I was eating unconsciously and eating even if I wasn’t hungry just because “it was time to eat.”

I have tried other cleanses before but at the base of them, I was out to shed a few pounds. I am 100% certain that the reason I have been successful this past week is truly because my intention has been different. I have not wanted to deprive myself of anything, in fact, I have only wanted to honor my body and provide it with just what it needs to be healthy and happy.

Today I am on the last day of the fruit fast. It’s been surprisingly easy. I honestly haven’t felt like I’ve missed out on anything that I’ve “wanted.” (I think this is partly because I have a natural sweet tooth and so feasting on fruit all day long is no big for me…) Tomorrow I begin my foray back in to regular eating (the tofu is baking as we speak! yummm).

I wanted to talk about this because of how much I really feel this whole week has helped me on a level deeper than just paying attention to when I’m actually hungry. To have been honoring my body and tuning into the signals it provides me has been just what I have needed to do lately, as I am suffering from an injury (strained pectoralis major) that has me physically unable to practice yoga.

At any other time in my life, even just a few weeks ago, I would have fought against my body, pushed it past its limit and made things a whole lot worse than they are now. But something about being so in tune to myself this week set me up to be in the right place to recognize my body needs a serious break. Even more importantly, I have come to this conclusion without the slightest bit of resentment towards myself. I don’t blame myself for the injury, I don’t think my body failed me because a weakness had been exposed. Instead, I am truly practicing ahimsa here, and it has left me resting happily in a state that can only be known as Serenity. I’m floating with the wind, riding the wave of the moment. I’m not fighting an uphill battle with my body, instead I am accepting the present moment just as it is. These are the ebbs and flows of life.

It really does bring a lot of peace to be in harmony of body and mind. I am truly surprised that all of this week I have actually been in a mood ranging anywhere from Just Plain Good all the way to Spectacular. It’s the kind of feeling that truly only comes from living in harmony, mindfulness and awareness of the present moment.

I’m very, very thankful that I happened upon Baron’s book when I did. It seems like the universe timed this one perfectly (but then again, when doesn’t it?) This was a lesson I really needed to focus on and understand.

Breathing in, I know this is a perfect moment.
Breathing out, I know this is the only moment.

Thich Nhat Hanh


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