Everything Flows Onward

finding my dharma. living my dharma.

Immersion and Transformation #2 June 1, 2009

May 30

After sleeping on it and having time to absorb Gabriel’s words more, I have some thoughts on my teaching practice, things to consider, etc.

1) Gabriel mentioned during a particularly long flowing series that the length of the flow was meant to keep us from practicing by memory when we went to flow on the opposite side. He also mentioned in conversation and emphasizing of staying out of the head during practice. So something I can incorporate then, would be less on the actual physical posture and more on keeping students from going into their heads. I should structure my flow in a way that guides them to awareness and focus.

2) Another thing that is apparent is his emphasis on community. His Thai Massage and Thai Yoga are prime examples. These are practices centered around our connection to one another. It reminds me of the importance of sangha again and touches me on more than just an asana level. How do I reach out to the community and to those I meet? How harmonious are my interactions with others? This is definitely a lesson to be taken off the mat!

3) I also feel called to live more yogic-ly, to top calling asana “yoga” as though that is the only part. I have a renewed energy to live as authentically a yogini as I can. I also think it is time I started studying the yoga sutras.

5/30 Post Backbend Class and Yin Class

During sun salutes, I dedicated myself to be active in every movement. I realize the importance of being fully active and present and involved in everything I do, from sun salutes to daily conversation.

It occurs to me that my 100% has changed. Much like the longer we hold a posture, the deeper we find we can go. What used to be my 100% is no longer my full effort. I am in a new place, I can go deeper (physically, mentally, spiritually). My 100% has deepened and it is my responsibility to move forward and meet it where it is, not matter where it moves, and to continue reaching to go further.

Tomorrow: May 31- pt 1


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