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Immersion and Transformation #1 May 31, 2009

This weekend Gabriel Azoulay blessed our studio with his teachings. I have been journaling pretty extensively throughout, and there is still one session left this afternoon. Instead of trying to recap in one long post, I am going to post over the coming days the journals that I have written. Since they are written they are not always complete thoughts or ideas. Sometimes I am just writing down a question and do not answer it because it will require more investigation, more thought, more transformation before it is clear to me. But I want to share this experience with you all, especially for those who do not know much about the broader yogic experience. I hope that this will open your eyes to an aspect of Yoga, as it is not merely a physical practice but a true path of transformation. Namaste’.

May 29

Tonight was Power Vinyasa with Gabriel. Earlier I received Thai Massage from him. Through converstaion and subsequent physical practice, I now have much to consider. I feel called to review the authenticity of my practice, and not just the asana (posture). What continues to bring me to my mat? What do I give from my mat? What am I giving in other areas? Am I living my truth?

And having seen just this alone, the importance of travel has come up. The feeling in my heart is one of someone experiencing foreign travel for the first time. I am tasting something foreign and magical and it must continue. Simply by knowing it exists, I feel obligated to experience it.

As much as I love Evansville, and can see myself here for a long time, it occurs to me that I may outgrow it in a sense. Or that we will after a time not be giving and receiving energy from one another in the same way we do now.

I don’t know. For now I can settle for shorter trips. But I know, at least, that I must be a sponge and expand my practice so I may share it with those who want to partake. This evolution is what keeps my practice strong.

Tomorrow: May 30th, thoughts settle after day one and more transformation occurs.


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