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meme’s put me to sleep. May 1, 2009

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1. Who took your profile picture?
on facebook, rachel

2. Exactly what are you wearing right now?
a tank top and shorts

3. What is your current problem?
my problems are trivial compared to those of others.

4. What makes you most happy?
yoga, the sunrise, friends and family. oh… and coffee.

5. What’s the name of the song that you’re listening to?
“life is wonderful” by jason mraz. it’s my current fave.


Chapter 1:

1. Nickname?
jennynaes, jenny ness, yogi, mama, sissy, jen, j

2. Eye color?

3. Hair color?


Chapter 2:

1. Do you live with both of your parent(s)?

2. Do you get along with them?
yeah, a lot more now than in the past

3. Are your parents chill?
i’d say so

4. Do you have any Siblings?
a sister and a brother

Chapter 3:

1. Ice Cream?
anything from coldstone

2. Season?

3. Book?
oh geez… Eat Pray Love moved its way up. The classics include Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice

4. Color?
all of them

5. Food?

6. Drink?

9. Pen color?
doesnt’ matter

10. Store?
ummm probably the grocery store…

Chapter 4:

1.Write on your hand?
no, dad scared me out of doing that when i was younger

2. Call people back?
eh… no not usually. oops.

3. Believe in love?
yes to love. absolutely.

4. Sleep on a certain side of the bed?
yeah, the outer side

Chapter 5:


1. Kissed Someone in the past 48 hours?
kensington, on the cheek. we’re so european.

2. If so…where?
see #1

3. Have you ever had PHYSICAL therapy?

4. Gotten surgery?

5. Taken painkillers?
yeah, doctors orders only.

#6 removed.

7. Been stung by a bee?
not to my recollection

8. Threw up in a doctors office:
very likely

Chapter 6:
Who/what was the last:

2. Person to text you?
chris c.

3. Thing you touched?
i went *pat pat* to oliver’s head.

5. Thing you said?
“I can’t see when you stand in front of my computer like that” to oliver. shoulda never *pat pat*ed him

7. Person you hugged?

8. Person you talked to on the phone?
chris c.

11. Last book you read?
just finished Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, now i’m almost done with Anne Lamott’s Traveling Mercies

12. Last time you cleaned your room?
i vacuumed today, if that counts, but only because i broke glass on the floor

Chapter 7:

2. What’s the most exciting thing that happened to you today?
things fell into place conveniently in a way that lessens my stress load while preparing to go back to st. louis next week

3. How many best friends do you have?

4.Who do you love?
i’m not picky. it’s easier to love everyone than it is to not.

5. What’s on your bedroom floor?
lots of stuff, clothes, and oliver’s fur balls

6. Who was the last person you got into an argument with?
oh geez. i don’t argue much ever anymore.

7. Do you trust people easily?

8. If you could move away, no questions asked, where would you move to?
i’d pick between spokane, washington, boulder colorado and somewhere in montana. or wyoming. hmmm…

9. Do you think you’re good looking?
in general, i understand that my appearance is more socially accepted than others’

10.Could you go a day without eating?
i don’t think so

11. How much do looks matter to you?
my looks? or others? the answers are different.

12. How do you feel about P.D.A.?
i’d rather not see you exchange bodily fluids w/ anyone in pubic.

13. When was the last time you had your hair cut?
… march 2008

14. Does it take a lot to make you cry?
no way. i’ll cry for anything

15. What’s the worst car accident you’ve ever been in?
before senior year of hs, got hit head on by a truck

17. Do you tell your parents everything?
no but i don’t withhold things either

18. Would you rather be a bird or a fish?
a bird used to be a fish, so the answer doesn’t matter

19. If you need to go to the store a block away, do you walk or drive?
well i’d rather walk, but evv is not so pedestrian or biker friendly. at any rate, the store is not a block away from me.

20. Does the thought of marriage scare you?

21. How many kids do you want?
right now, none.

22. Whats your favorite color to wear?
i wear a lot of black for work and for yoga

23. Who was the last person in your bedroom besides you?
probably Noah

24. What are you doing today?
the day’s over. but today i worked and ran some errands and taught yoga. tomorrow i’m working and then meeting holly and cass for thai food.

25. What would you do if you found a dinosaur egg?
call pbs and see if i couldn’t get myself on NOVA or something

26. Do you get bored easily?
restless, mostly. it’s hard to get bored bc i have a hard time sitting still

27. Did you ever want to change your name when you were younger?
yeah, laura and i made honest efforts

28. Do you wish you were famous?
there are better things to spend my wishes on

29. What do you do to your eyebrows?
let them get disgusting and unwieldy, spend an hour plucking, repeat.

30. Who’s the last text message you received from?
chris c.

31. How do you like your steak cooked?
rare, and by rare i mean, do not kill and eat the cow in the first place.

32. Have you ever been in a cave?
meramac caverns in stl

33. Have you ever eaten a bug?
accidentally, i’m sure

34. Do you think there is someone for everyone?
someone for everyone and everyone for someone. we’re all for each other at the end of the day.


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