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Tree. Friend. March 18, 2009

Filed under: being present,Energy,nature,yoga — Jenny @ 5:27 pm

I went to Wesselman’s Wildlife Nature Preserve this morning to enjoy the weather and ground myself just a little. As I was walking, I thought to myself, “Everything is still dead. It will be so pretty when things are in bloom again.” I looked down and saw this.

Touchée, Mother Nature. Touchée. Nothing is dead. Everything is alive and blooming and beautiful in it’s rarity right now.

Further along the walking trail, I came across this section of a tree trunk laying on the ground. I was drawn to him for whatever reason. I got this feeling that I might have known him. So we sat together, quitely for a while. We shared our stories. I told him mine and he told me his. I realized they were the same.

I put my hands on him and I felt the pulse of my energy, of his energy and of life energy. All at once, there was no difference in these energies. We were the same, one pulse beating in time.

I left my friend there, in the woods, and as I walked away I wondered if we’d ever meet again or if our acquaintance was one that was not meant to be repeated. Like many other questions in this life, I don’t have the answer and that is okay. I found joy in having known him for a short time. And that is enough.


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