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i have the power March 11, 2009

Filed under: happiness,healthy body,healthy spirit,yoga — Jenny @ 3:22 pm

i just taught my third yoga class ever in life. it was a great morning class with 3 students, one of them totally new to the studio, but not new to yoga. my first two classes went perfectly fine. but there was something about this class today, that, as i was going through the asanas, i just felt this vibe. i remember thinking, “man, this is a good class.” i thought it could’ve just been me, but i was feeling an energy. i felt like we were all getting a challenge, building heat, doing good things and doing them together.

then, at the end of class, as everyone was settling back into seated postures and i was preparing to read a thought for the day, i met eyes with one of the girls in the class. at that moment, the realization that it wasn’t just me that had felt that vibe. afterwards, she came up to me and said, “that was just the best class!” and then proceeded to list all the things that she thought were interesting, different and that she had enjoyed.

i know this is partly ego driven, but my heart has swollen to ten times its original size. (think, “they like me, they really like me!”) but another part of why this makes me so, so rapturous is the reason why i wanted to teach yoga in the first place. i have said before that if i could just make one person feel for a fraction of a second what i have felt from doing yoga, then i would have done the greatest good and completed my purpose. three classes in and it seems to have happened! i am so filled with love for yoga and for the students and for everything right now. this is why i’m sharing yoga. to know that i have the ability to open people up to that feeling, to be able to guide them to that feeling… it is miraculous.

i am so fulfilled. i certainly enjoyed the compliment but more than anything, i feel as though i’ve never given so much back to the world, the universe, life as i am giving right now and it. feels. good. giving joy, giving optimism, giving an open mind… when before i only thought i had the power, i know now i do have the power. just like knowing that there is peace inside of me, that there is strength, that there is radical self-acceptance, there is this ability too. all i have to do is call upon it, share it, send it outward.

it feels to me as though this is the culmination of all the inner work i have done (and continue to do). finally, i have done enough work that i may shine my light outward. i never would’ve imagined that shining it outward would feel so, so wonderful.

this is a good day.


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