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The Good February 2, 2009

Filed under: adventure,divine intervention,thanks — Jenny @ 4:01 pm

Well I’m back from my Refugee Adventures. For the past 5 days my roommate, Natasha, her son and I have been making the rounds in Evansville and Henderson, KY borrowing couches and heat and electricity from generous folks who were willing and able to share. Last night our electricity came back on and it was the greatest relief I’ve known in quite some time. Morale was taking a steep decline on Sunday so the restoration really couldn’t have come at a better time.

It was easy to find something to complain about in all of this, but I think that we all did a bang up job and staying positive and avoiding the slippery slope that would have been moping. So as I’m thinking back on the past almost-week, I want to remember the good things that came out of it because, as it turns out, a lot of good really did come from this experience.

For instance, my roommate and I got to know each other real quick-like. If it hadn’t been for this situation, it would’ve taken a lot longer for she and I to develop our relationship. This really got us over the “adjusting to each other” hump at an accelerated speed. Having said as much, I can’t leave this subject without expressing my gratitude to her for taking me with her everywhere and making sure I had a place to be warm as well. If I hadn’t been in this house with her, I would’ve surely been at a shelter or something and much less comfortable.

I’m also grateful because through this it turns out that my roommate and I get along quite well and so I feel like it was divine intervention that I found this house and this person. This whole situation is going to be so good for me, I’m convinced of it.

Next: I like a kid. Yes folks. I live with a boy who is about to be 4 years old and I quite enjoy his company. It’s weird. And after these 5 days, I found myself going to work and going on and on about stuff he did or said or how well he was handling everything. I mean, it was close to gushing. I don’t pretend to understand it, it’s just happened.

Moving on: Through Natasha, I was able to meet such a magnificent group of people who are involved in wonderful things for this community and who I think will be so beneficial to my own personal development. I’d again like to reiterate my new-found belief in divine intervention. I don’t see how it could have happened any other way. I really feel like I was led here and for a reason. These are exactly the types of people that I want to surround myself with and if it hadn’t been for the storm I may have never found them.

Also, I was given the chance to volunteer for the Red Cross for part of 2 days and help them out at their disaster shelters. It was humbling and I think if it hadn’t been for that, for the chance to be active and help others, I would have begun complaining a lot sooner than I did. I felt so lucky to have a warm bed or couch every night throughout this ordeal. I was well fed and able to shower. And I think, most importantly, I wasn’t alone. If I was still in my apartment and this had happened, I might have gone to the Red Cross to ask for help instead of to offer it and I would’ve gone there alone. Instead I was lucky enough to be surrounded by great, great people and together we were able to try to make the lives of those in the shelter a little bit more comfortable.

All in all, this situation gave me the opportunity to recognize the things in my life I should be grateful for. And it really has made me question the validity of divine intervention in my life. For me, it seems like all of this was handed to me on a silver platter, if you will. I was here in my new residence being pretty isolationist and not really making many moves to connect with my roommate. All the while she was there, with all of those people I got to meet, and I had no idea what I was missing out on. It just feels to me like this was a less-than-subtle nudge in the right direction. It’s a nudge I certainly do not plan on ignoring. I feel more attached to Evansville than I have before right now. I feel like I could be a part of very, very good things here. Things I wanted to be a part of that I thought I’d have to leave in order to do. I feel like the horizons have opened up before me with more opportunity once more and it’s a very, very good feeling.


One Response to “The Good”

  1. ibduffy Says:

    i’ve always held the belief that everything happens for a reason. i’m sure you’ve heard this story millions of times… but maybe not. when my dad was little his cousin had some home made sling shots and my dad wanted one SO bad but he didn’t have any money. his cousin was a brat and wouldn’t let him have one unless he paid him 25 cents. without thinking my dad reached into his pocket and there was a quarter! he’s told me this story over and over again (you know how he is) and has always said that no matter what things will always work out the way they’re supposed to. so in summation – i am very happy for your divine intervention. the doors couldn’t be opening up for a more deserving person. i love you.

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