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Productive Things I Did on My Anniversary January 5, 2009

Filed under: adventure,knitting,life,self-discovery — Jenny @ 3:10 am

It’s my one year anniversary in Evansville. Neat, huh? Man, what a difference a year makes.

I did some productive stuff today in celebration. (Okay you caught me… I only remembered about an hour ago, but I was still productive!)

I cleaned the kitty litter box. I took the trash out. I bought body wash. I showered. I went to two fantastic yoga classes. I had my chakras read. I drank a Berry Chai Infusion from Starbucks. (You tea lovers out there really must hit up the Sbux for our new drinks…) Oh, and I finished my first ever knitting project.

<— That’s her right there! I made a scarf!

I have to say… I’m pretty proud of myself. For the day and for the scarf and for the year. Today-me and a-year-ago-today-me, while technically the same person, are pretty different. Gone is the lost college-girl, now is the young woman learning about life and happiness and responsibility. A young woman with a path before her that she chose. And did I mention the rockin’ scarf I just finished?!

Happy anniversary to me!


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