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On Being Who I Am December 18, 2008

Filed under: goals,mindfulness,words to live by,yoga — Jenny @ 12:58 am

Yesterday traffic in Evansville was awful. A drive that normally takes me 8 minutes took 20. It was quite possibly one of the most annoying experiences in my life. So there I was in my car, fuming slightly and talking to myself road-rage style: Not sure why the guy in front of me was such a huge jerk and had to leave so very many car lengths between himself and the car and the one in front of him. Pretty miffed about the fact that only 2 or 3 cars were making it through stop lights because the idiots making left hand turns were running red lights. You know… the usual. And then, after a while of this (I mean, relatively speaking, I was in the car for a long time…), the thought occurred to me that I was sitting in my car, headed back to my apartment to do yoga, thinking bad thoughts about people. In that instant, I felt like a fraud. When I go to yoga, and when I meditate, I create an atmosphere inside myself of peace, quiet and love and I feel good about myself, sending love outwards to others. Yet here I was, settling into my frustration and allowing it to envelope me. I didn’t feel very true to the yogini in me at that moment. It made me feel… well… bad.

Tonight at yoga class, true to form, Andrew hit the nail right on the head with his intuitiveness. (I’ll leave my theories about his unique abilities to read my mind for another day.) At the end of class he said this: “Remember when you’re outside of here that you are the same person as you are in this quiet place on your mat.” He went on noting that when we get frustrated or impatient or angry in public, it’s important to come back to our breath and remember who we are when we’re in that place. (Seriously… Andrew just plain freaks me out sometimes…)

The point is, we are calm, loving, peaceful people. When we come to the studio, we make it a point to leave our baggage at the door. I’m realizing now the importance of carrying my yoga practice outside the studio and not leaving it on my mat. The outside needs the work of the inside to function properly.

So we arrive at my new goal: to carry my yoga practice with me outside of the studio, and off of my meditation mat. To remember that I am the same person in both circumstances. I cultivate peace and love. I breath in strength in the midst of a challenge. I let go of attachment to ideas.

I am a yogini.


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