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Campaign of Gratitude: Day 5 November 29, 2008

Filed under: holidays,thanks — Jenny @ 4:55 pm

Today I’m grateful for the following (presented in list form because I’m too tired and pressed for time to provide fluff this morning):

  1. Finding the local radio station that plays Christmas music 24×7 this month.
  2. Trader Joe’s array of frozen burritos.
  3. Not having had to be a shopper on Black Friday.
  4. Surviving working Black Friday at Hallmark.
  5. A free pound of coffee a week.
  6. Revisiting the teeny-bopper that still resides deep in my heart and swooning with Laura at the movie theater, watching Twilight.
  7. That I made all my Thanksgiving travels in safety, which is a lot more than many other people in the country can say.
  8. The sweet relief that Child’s Pose, Hero’s Pose and Legs-up-the-Wall provide after a long day on my feet and legs.

Happy Holidays, friends. Be kind to those who work retail, be patient in line, don’t get caught up in materialism. Remember that the whole point of this is to GIVE. And not to just give THINGS but to give your thoughts, your love and spread joy.


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