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it begins at this moment October 23, 2008

Filed under: comfort,growing up,life,optimism — Jenny @ 1:47 am

The saying goes that yoga begins at that moment when you want to come out of a pose. Your leg starts to shake a little, the heat your building up seems to increase exponentially. You aren’t in pain, but you sure as heck have been more comfortable in life. You feel like you’ve been holding for ages and your brain gives a tiny squeak, you think, “Just let the instructor say ‘release’, already!” But instead the instructor says, “3 more breaths.” You think, “Three more breaths?! Is this a joke?!”

Yoga starts.

You stop your brain from screaming and you focus. You turn inward and you breathe, and you survive. You move on to the next sequence.

I never realized until tonight, how much this would come in handy outside of the yoga studio. I’m not in pain, but I sure as heck would say I’ve been more comfortable in life. Admittedly, I needed my time earlier today to be upset, and I was. I felt a little overwhelmed. But underneath it all was this sense of calm. I know it’ll all work out, this is a hiccup. This is my thighs burning in Warrior II. But it always starts with the little brain scream, “Is this a joke?!” and then, just like in class, you breathe. I’m breathing through it. I’m calmer because deep down I know. I know that I’ve done a lot to surprise myself, and there’s no reason this shouldn’t be another example.

And there’s always this one thing to look forward to: before I even know it, the instructor (should I capitalize that word?) will say, “Release” and it’ll be time for the next sequence.

The pleasures of heaven are with me, and the pains of hell are with me.
The first I graft and increase upon myself…. the latter I translate into a new tongue.
Walt Whitman


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