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when bad lighting is what you want September 10, 2008

Filed under: self-discovery,yoga — Jenny @ 12:07 am

Yea folks, you’re getting a two-fer.

The exciting thing about yoga class is that with every class, I leave having learned something new about myself or having discovered new depth to my being. Sometimes it’s a physical capability, sometimes it’s a personality trait.

Today was sort of both.

To begin with, it was Fusion, which meant that we have a different teacher, a different style of yoga and it’s a little more… aerobic. Today I got to class and our teacher had all the fluorescent lights on. No soft lighting, no incense burning… it was like being in a gym. She was talkative, she interacted more with us, engaged in conversations about poses while we were doing them in a way that was more “teacher” than it was “yogi” or “guru”. Her style was different from what I’ve been experiencing: a calmer, subdued personality and an atmosphere that promotes an introversion of sorts, or concentration on the inner-self. At first I was thinking, “geez, I came here to unwind, to think, to zen out. Not to walk into a bright room like this and chit chat.” But as class went on, the fluorescent light became a bit more symbolic. Sometimes, we need to do our yoga in a bright light, to see where it is we need to improve. What’s more, sometimes we need to be reminded that there’s room to improve.

The fluorescent light put my expectations and my ego in check. For starters, like I mentioned in my post earlier today, I walked into class today with an expectation of how it was going to be. I had set myself up to disappointed. Instead, I should go to class expecting nothing and everything simultaneously. Each experience is going to be different, as it should be, and it’s up to me to accept the way things are and respond accordingly, making the most of the situation.

Secondly, this class reminded me, very positively, that I have room to improve. Our instructor helped me align myself correctly, and introduced me to the way certain poses should feel. At first, I was embarrassed. Just yesterday I raved to Erin that the instructor (a different one) had complimented one of my poses, and now here I was being corrected. I started to get agitated, with the instructor and with myself. Then I realized, I should be thankful that this “fluorescent light” was on me, like the unattractive lights in a dressing room… Feeling a posture correctly, understanding it fully and recognizing what I needed to do became refreshing for me. I’m there to improve myself, physically and mentally. And that’s just what happened today.

I began the class a little disconcerted, and thinking I would be unfulfilled after our 75 minutes were up. Instead, I left class with a better foundation and consequently greater confidence, but also a different kind of zen. I was, in the end, really happy with this class, hoping to experience this instructor’s yoga again in the future.



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