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Things I Learned This Weekend August 4, 2008

Filed under: comfort,home,the Best — Jenny @ 3:32 am

1. Bests should never go 8 months without seeing each other.
2. High school parties are best experienced as 24 year olds who can make a drinking game out of the hilarious situation around them.
3. It’s best to keep tabs on Molly.
4. I have the best parents ever and I’m really glad that now that their nest is empty, they get to focus on themselves for a change.
5. I officially prefer cats to dogs.
6. Given the right circumstances, I don’t really hate St. Louis like I claim I do.
7. I’d be nothing with out my Best. Seriously. Nothing.

(It’s only upon reading this after I posted that I questioned how many times I could use the word “best” in one blog…)


One Response to “Things I Learned This Weekend”

  1. ~ ...laura... ~ Says:

    i think its apparent that we were made for each other. i love you.

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